more than you'd expect... review - more than you'd expect

Starting as a small casino with only two games, Crypto-Games successfully made its way up to the top by adding more games - 5 now, in fact - and it still retains its old feel. The casino originally set itself apart by accepting many risky methods of payment that others wouldn't accept, and that risk has made it one of the most convenient and popular casinos in the crypto world. We bet you're wondering why already - and we'll tell you why!

Why is it so great?

Crypto-games accepts 8 methods of payment, and this makes for a very convenient gambling experience. Most crypto casinos don't even accept two methods, as some coins may be volatile, but Crypto-Games has accepted most of these coins from the start, and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

In addition to all of this, Crypto-Games has made a section for each of their coins. It's nice to see that Crypto-Games took the time to make their casino neat and good-looking; personally, I prefer all the coins to be in one section, but it doesn't affect gameplay whatsoever.

The games have a large bankroll; some casinos don't have very large bankrolls, and therefore it becomes difficult to gamble with a large sum of money. Crypto-Games has a total bankroll of nearly 700 BTC, so you can be assured you're going to get your payments no matter what.

The site has good aesthetics and Crypto-Games seems to be a stable site with their bankroll; it's safe to assume that they're not running anytime soon, and it's safe to invest in the site. Next, we're going to look at each individual game and its features.


Good ol' classic dice! This game has been with Crypto-Games ever since the start, and it's the game you'll see worldwide with casinos. Whether you think it's a game of luck or strategy, it's clear this game is a winner. The first (and always first) thing we're going to check about this game is if they have a provably fair system or not- and they do. It's what you normally see on gambling sites, and they provide a very informative guide on how it works. We won't talk about it in this review, but the basics of the system are that there's a client and server seed, and they're combined to form a SHA512 hash.

You can test the system for each roll if you feel it's necessary, but we've tried with free rolls and it seems to work correctly. Crypto-Games also provides a guide on how the game works in the how to play bar, and although it sounds stupid, it's actually got a good definition on how the autorolls work. The autoroll is a basic one with all the necessary features, and it's pretty self-explanatory. The game is simple and features the default roll over and under.


Slots is the other classic Crypto-Games minigame, and it's changed very little from the day it was released- even the GUI hasn't! The game features a convenient autospin and bet size changer, and has the same provably fair checker as dice had. While there's no how-to guide in slots, if you click rewards, you'll be able to see what you can win on the site. It ranges from 0.000022 to 0.02, and each gets harder to win. Other than these features, slots is a game where there seems to be very few features- perhaps they could change up the machine? Slots still remains the game that we've known since the start, and has proven itself to be a reliable one.


Blackjack! Finally, a game where some people might actually use the help section! We assume you already know the rules for all of these games, so we'll skip all of that, but blackjack, like all Crypto-Games games, features a provably fair checker so that you'll be sure you haven't been cheated out of your wins. Another plain game, Crypto-Games does credit conversion in the game, where 10 credits = 0.00001 BTC. This makes the game much easier to track for profit and losses, which is something else not often found on other casinos. It's nice to note that each game features its own 'Top Players' section for all to see, as well as a statistics section to see how much has been gambled throughout the casino's lifetime or just a year - it's pretty spectacular.


Roulette is the next game we're going to look at on Crypto-Games, and it's the wheel most of us are used to seeing. Again, the game uses credit conversion with the same ratio of credits to bitcoin for easier record keeping as well as the provably fair function. An improvement could definitely be made to roulette, like adding multiplayer rolling; it does get boring after a while and multiplayer rolling makes the game feel more real.

Other than this, Roulette is exactly what I expected from Crypto-Games, and they didn't do much to the game to either make it better or worse.


Finally, the last game that Crypto-Games offers, lotto is the classic where winner takes all, and everybody has a chance. Note that in Crypto-Games' version of the game, 1st place takes 80%, 2nd takes 14%, and 3rd takes 4.5%. The remaining 1.5% goes to the house for maintenance. Each ticket for the lotto costs 0.0001 BTC, and will never change. It's drawn twice weekly, with each draw happening wednesday and thursday via RandomPicker. Knowing Crypto-Games, it's unlikely the games could be rigged and it'd be hard to, especially using RandomPicker. Anybody can win - there have been winners with only 1% and winners with 35% - each pot depends on how much people invest into each game, although it usually stays around 0.02 BTC. Crypto-Games' version fo lottery gives everybody a slightly higher chance of winning at least something, and it's a great game that many love.

Extra Features

Besides just games, Crypto-Games has also has many features accessible just by clicking 'My Account'. You can play on the site without even registering - they'll give you a unique url that only you have to access the account, a customizeable name, and customizeable theme, among many things. In security, you can enter your email address and create a password for added security, or even add 2FA by Google. One thing we'd recommend you do is set an emergency address should you join the site - if there's anything urgent that happens, bitcoins that you have will immediately be sent to that address. It's just another layer of security.

It's also good to note that you can invest in the site - it's in the 'My Account' section, and they even have a chart to show how much you could earn and how much was earned historically - it can be even more lucrative to invest than to play, although both carry risks. It's your choice!

Crypto-Games also features levels as well as a faucet! The faucet can be found by clicking on 'Rewards', and entering the Captcha. Note that you can only request coins when your balance is empty, and once every 3 minutes. There's also a limit on the faucet, but it increases along with the amount dispensed the more you use the site- this is where levels comes in. Each level is obtainable by reaching 5 criteria, which are invested BTC, total gambled, days on the site (loyalty), referral comission, and messages on the chat. Each level gives you a bit more BTC from the faucet and more requests from the faucet - it's nice that Crypto-Games have added some kind of system to benefit people who are loyal to the site and use it often.


Crypto-Games is a feature-rich crypto casino that features lots of games and lots of ways to pay. With so many features and rewards, it's no wonder why they're so popular. I'd recommend this casino to anybody looking for a unique crypto experience!